Explain the advantages of disc trenching machine in detail?



What are the advantages of disc trenching machine? 
We have also made a brief introduction to this issue before, but found that there are still a lot of customers do not understand. 
Just today, I also take this opportunity to explain it to you. 
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The disc trenching machine is equipped with aluminum alloy chassis with good quality and light weight; it matches 3.68-4KW all-aluminum alloy air-cooled diesel engine with strong power output, stable rotational speed and stable operation; it is also equipped with rotary single guide wheel in production, which is convenient to adjust the depth; the handle can be adjusted up and down, which is suitable for a variety of operation modes; the amount of soil used in soil ploughing operation is moderate; the soil fineness is uniform and reasonable, and the flow direction control is accurate. 
The plough knife can plough the furrow width within 32 cm, and the furrow is neat and beautiful. 
Now the emergence of the disc trenching machine has greatly changed the wear of the solid road tool body of the traditional trenching machine, solved the deficiency of the general disc trenching machine, and improved the work efficiency. 
It also mainly uses high-quality alloy bits, which can be adjusted according to the hardness of the construction site, and can cope with difficult construction operations. 
Practice has proved that the mechanical equipment produced by our factory has perfect technical performance, reasonable structure, hydraulic lifting and convenient operation. 
It is an ideal product for project contracting, garden planting and mining. 
The disc trenching machine is very efficient in actual operation. 
Compared with manual trenching, the efficiency is much higher, which is more than 10 times that of manual operation, which can save a lot of manpower and financial resources. 
Of course, another very important point is that its slotting quality is better. 
The trench wall dug out by the trench digger is flat, the ditch depth is fixed, and the ditch is straight into a straight line, which is very suitable for laying kerbs. 
The width is generally 10-30 cm, the depth is adjustable, and the maximum depth is 1.2 m. 
It is generally customized according to the needs of users to fully meet the satisfaction of customers. 
Now it is mainly used for the construction of tap water pipeline, gas pipeline, post and telecommunications, etc., generally need to dig trenches to bury underground pipes and cables. 
This kind of trench digger digs the soil while walking, turning it to the ground and throwing it away. 
When using disc trenching machine, hard projects such as asphalt roadside, kerb, cement pavement, concrete, village ditch cable and so on can be excavated naturally. 
Of course, our company's products can meet these requirements, and we also welcome friends from all over the country to establish long-term cooperative relations. 
After all, it is very famous in this industry, and the price is reasonable and the quality is guaranteed. 
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