What are the advantages of disc trenching machine?



The development prospect of the disc trenching machine industry is very good, because it brings more benefits to the enterprise when it is used, so it is favored by customers, in order to let everyone have more of it, next we will talk about the advantages of the disc trenching machine? 
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Nowadays, there are still many people who do not understand some basic information of the disc trenching machine, so as manufacturers, it is also necessary for us to briefly explain it. In fact, this disc trenching machine takes the rotating milling and grinding disc as the main working part. ditching and irrigation farmland construction machinery. 
The main features can be excavated asphalt roads, village ditch cables or small-scale projects such as heaven and earth. 
When the equipment is running, the forward speed of the unit is 50-200m/h for single channel and 200-400m/h for multi-channel. 
For the rotary trenching machine which has been trenched many times, the wheel distance or track center distance of the matching tractor is properly matched with the trenching width in order to operate smoothly. 
In the process of operation, we can still provide a variety of special specifications of trenching machines according to the needs of customers. 
The ditch can be up to 12 cm narrow and 1.5 m deep. 
Manual workers and excavators cannot open such ditches; they are of good quality and have a long service life. 
Compared with human and excavator, disc trench opener has higher efficiency, higher operation efficiency (4-6 times that of excavator) and economic benefits, especially in the case of digging narrow ditches. 
The disc trenching machine has the advantages of simple structure, convenient operation and convenient maintenance. 
When the disc trenching machine is running, the trenching width is adjustable, which is suitable for roads with narrow working width. 
It also has two symmetrically arranged milling and polishing discs. 
In operation, two discs grind and treat the soil on both sides of the ditch at the same time. 
The single spiral trenching machine has only one milling plate, which is used to mill the soil on one side of the trench. 
On the polishing plate, throw the soil out of the ditch together with the soil cut off by the polishing plate. 
Its structure is simpler than that of double-disc type, but the traction resistance is larger. 
The traction force required by the disc trenching machine is very small, and the thrown soil can be evenly scattered on both sides of the ditch without trimming. 
However, the structure of the disc trenching machine is more complex, the productivity is lower than that of the trenching machine, and the unit earthwork energy consumption is larger. 
It takes about 0.15-0.45 kilowatts per hour to grind and treat 1 cubic meter of soil. 
Tractors matched with rotary excavators need to have ultra-low gear. 
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After the introduction of the above content, we also have a further understanding of the advantages of the disc trenching machine. 
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