What are the precautions for using a disc trenching machine?



Disc trenching machine has a wide range of applications, we certainly need to know the matters needing attention before using it, so that we can better apply it. 
If you are interested in this topic, let's take a look at it. I hope it can be helpful to some people concerned. 
Disc trenching machine is widely used in various industries, so its use must be very extensive. 
It is recommended to check the gearbox before using the disc trench machine. 
Lubricating oil, so that the amount of oil immersed to the lower gear of 1 stroke 4. 
Lubricate the oil nozzle of the transmission mechanism every 3 hours. 
Or after each operation is completed, the grease and dirt of each part should be removed in time, and check whether the operation site and joint are loose. 
Another important point is that the gearbox should be cleaned 20 hours before operation. 
First of all, the waste gear oil is discharged from the oil discharge port, an appropriate amount of kerosene is injected from the oil injection port, and the gear mechanism is turned at the same time. 
After cleaning, remove the clean kerosene and add gear oil to the gearbox. 
And the gear oil needs to be changed every 100 hours. 
After a total of 1000 hours, the gears in the disc slotting chassis need to be checked to replace seriously damaged or worn parts. 
In addition, for the maintenance of the engine, please refer to the operating instructions of the other engine and use the engine oil according to the prescribed lubricating oil number. 
It shall be cleaned and replaced regularly in accordance with the methods specified in the operating instructions of the auxiliary power supply. 
When operating the disc trenching machine, it is strictly forbidden to use the clutch when the clutch is unreliable or incomplete, so as not to damage the parts and cause accidents, and do not use blades when in use. 
Install in the opposite direction, otherwise it will not work properly. 
In serious cases, it will damage the parts and cause an accident. 
When driving on the road, the disc trenching machine should cut off the power supply of the tool, so that the tool end is more than 15 cm from the ground, and the driving speed should not be too high, so as to avoid damage caused by parts or excessive vibration. 
Causing an accident. 
If the disc trench machine rotates at the end of the field, it is recommended that you first cut off the power supply for walking, then cut off the power supply, lift the handrail forcefully to make the tip of the knife off the ground, and then use walking power to turn in the field with low-speed medium and small throttle. 
Or use the pull rope finger method or the reference finger method to ensure the straightness of the ditch. 
If there is a bend in the ditch, it can be corrected slowly by pushing the handrail, but the force should not be too large and it is strictly forbidden to use it. 
Turn the handle to adjust to avoid accident or damage to the parts. 
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