In the Bayi Military Day, the new vitchling machine wishes to pay tribute to the cutest people!



In China, there is such a group of people who dedicate their youth and life to the motherland, when the flood comes, they resist, when the disaster comes,
They move forward, wherever there is danger, there are their shadows, and they regard defending the motherland and the people as their career in this life
Wearing military uniforms and keeping their mission in mind, they guard peace with their lives, and they bravely dedicate themselves to the motherland, regardless of the severe cold or heat,
No matter how difficult the environment is, they stick to their posts, don't hesitate to do anything, grit their teeth and never run away!
When our families are together, they are separated from their loved ones, when we lie down to rest, they carry out tasks,
Day after day, year after year, they defended their motherland, home, and couldn't go back a few times, and they couldn't sleep well.
Today is a holiday for soldiers. Thank you for sticking to your posts, guarding peace, and protecting us.
In this uneasy age, let us understand the preciousness of peace.
Without your selfless dedication, we would not live and work in peace and contentment, and without your hard work, we would not have peace of mind.
You are stationed in a piece of blue sky, and white doves can fly freely. Only when you are stationed in a hot land, the horse can gallop freely.
You are stationed in the vast ocean, so that your dreams can be imagined freely. Your shoulders are a wordless song, your back,
It is a magnificent painting. You defended the motherland with the majesty of the mountains, the style of the sea, the power of the wind, and the majesty of thunder , and shocked the world.
Today, let us sincerely say thanks to you, thank you for silently defending your home and country over the years,
In this sacred and great festival, Mr. Poetry wants to give you eight kinds of happiness: happy career, happy wealth,
Health, longevity and happiness, peace and happiness, friendship and harmony and happiness, love and sweetness and happiness, family harmony and happiness, and a long and happy life.
Finally, Singapore Airlines trencher pays tribute to the cutest person: I wish our heroes a happy Army Day! May our motherland be more prosperous and prosperous!