Everything is familiar with everything in the small full season



Today, May 21st, we welcome the Xiaoman solar term, the passionate midsummer is coming to us, and the sun is still restrained at the beginning of summer.
After Xiaoman passed away, it became more and more unrestrained, and the sun poured down, adding a touch of bright color to everything.
On a sunny day, the warm wind generates wheat gas, and when the green shade and secluded grass outweigh the flowers, the slight fumigated wind blows through the mountains and fields, leaving a lush green area.
As the saying goes: Xiaoman rivers are full. In this season, the rain is full, the water volume of rivers, lakes and ponds is becoming more and more abundant, the clear stream is gurgling, and there is infinite vitality.
Basking in the sun and rain, the crops grow vigorously, and the wheat is in the period of grain filling. The wheat grains are not yet full, and they are not yet ripe, so it is called "Xiaoman".
The proverb goes: Xiaoman moves three carts, people step on water carts to irrigate crops, oil carts to extract rapeseed oil, and shake silk carts
Full of expectations for a better life, after Xiaoman, the weather is getting hotter, the summer solstice is not here, Xiaoman is not full, full without loss, full without overflow,
SIA Kaidouji wishes everyone to guard against arrogance and impetuosity, and to work steadily and steadily. Good luck will come from all directions , and financial resources will flow from all directions .