Happy Mother's Day Festival-New Airlines Trencing Machine



  On the southern plain of Liaoning, there is an ancient city of more than 2,000 years - Bayuquan Xiongyue City. In the sea-green fruit forest to the east of Xiongyue City, there is a mountain with a lone peak protruding. There is an ancient brick pagoda on the top of the mountain. Looking from a distance, it looks like a loving mother. Looking into the distance, she hopes to return early. This mountain is called Wanger Mountain.
  According to legend, a long time ago, there was a beach on the outskirts of Xiongyue. There is a poor family by the sea, only mother and son, depend on each other for life. The mother worked hard to provide for her son's education, and the son was determined to repay his mother's kindness by studying hard. Then the son went to Beijing by sea boat for the exam. Many years have passed, and there has been no news of my son. My mother was very anxious, so she went to the beach every day to look at it. One year, two years, three years... The mother's hair was all gray, but her son was nowhere to be seen. The mother called to the sea again and again: "My child, come back! Mother misses you, misses you..." The elderly mother fell down and turned into a stone statue, and did not expect her son to return.
  In fact, her son was on his way to Beijing for the exam, but unfortunately capsized and fell into the sea and died. God was moved by the great maternal love, and a high mountain rose abruptly where the mother stood looking forward to her son; the earth was moved by the great maternal love, and the tears shed by the mother turned into strands of underground hot springs, nourishing countless The bright red apples; the villagers were moved by the great maternal love, and they called the soaring Duxiu Peak "Wang'er Mountain", built a loving mother tower on the top of the mountain, and built a loving mother pavilion at the foot of the mountain, so that future generations can remember the ordinary mother. And great kindness.
  With the development, the people of Bayuquan still retain the ancient customs of respecting and loving their mothers. On the "Mother's Day" in May every year, various activities to respect and love mothers are carried out. Many people still set up monuments for their mothers in the loving mother hall to express their respect for their mothers.
  Singapore Airlines Ditcher wishes a happy Mother's Day.