County leaders come to Singapore Airlines to inspect the trenching machine.



On March 24, Zhang Huaiheng, deputy magistrate of Gaotang County, led the heads of some organs of the county to visit Shandong Gaotang Xinhang Machinery Co., Ltd., and Mr. Chen Wancai, general manager of the company, personally received the county leaders and his party, and introduced the development and layout of the company.
Deputy county magistrate Zhang Huaiheng said: Singapore Airlines Machinery is a key enterprise of agricultural machinery products in the county, with a large scale and broad market prospects, and has solved the employment of urban and rural population.It is not only an economic project, but also a project for people's livelihood.It is necessary to implement the plan and land the plan as soon as possible, build, put into production, and be efficient in a short time, and strive to build agricultural machinery products into benchmark enterprises in the county, so as to set an example for the whole county.
The leaders of the county party committee fully affirmed our Singapore Airlines Machinery and expressed satisfaction with the management of the company. 
And hope that our company will continue to make positive contributions to the economic development of Gaotang County with high-quality products, efficient production and fast service.
Xinhang Machinery will conscientiously implement the instructions of County Mayor Zhang Huaiheng, make use of the company's existing advantages, tap resources, integrate resources, strengthen research and development, increase production output, break through sales bottlenecks, and go all out to work hard. with greater efforts to achieve better product quality, stronger, so as to grasp more market competition initiative, Singapore Airlines machinery will have a greater leap.