Shandong Xinhang wishes all the students success in the college entrance examination and won the title.



In early June every year, 
The annual college entrance examination season, 
This is a season full of hopes and dreams. 
The accumulation of spring, summer, autumn and winter, 
It will blossom here eventually.
When all the dust is out of time. 
Please stick to it. 
Every second can change fate. 
You may feel tired and tired now. 
But in the future you will understand, 
The so-called glory days are not the days that shine later. 
But when no one is interested. 
Your paranoia about dreams. 
May you live up to your time and regret your youth.
1. Adjust the state of mind and relieve the pressure. 
College entrance examination is a major event in life, the existence of a certain degree of anxiety is inevitable, but must not be excessive anxiety, especially parents and friends, do not give children too much pressure, to help children adjust their state of mind. 
2. Go to bed early and get up early to keep energy. 
Especially when the college entrance examination is approaching, don't stay up too late, adjust your work and rest habits, so that you have a lot of energy to face the college entrance examination. 
3. Pay attention to diet. 
Parents and friends should pay attention to this. A few months before the college entrance examination, children will consume a lot of brainpower, so they should pay attention to nutritional matching. 
In addition, during the college entrance examination, we should pay attention to dietary hygiene and light diet to prevent children from eating abnormalities. 
4. Prepare the equipment for the college entrance examination. 
This needs to be prepared by the children themselves. It is best to buy a file bag to put together all kinds of stationery and admission cards needed for the college entrance examination. It is best to check again the night before to prevent any omissions. 
5. plan your itinerary. 
There will be a lot of people in the college entrance examination, and the road will inevitably be congested. It is generally recommended that if conditions permit, you can plan the travel route in advance to avoid congested sections of the road. It is generally recommended to start early, so that you can have enough time on the road. 
6. Avoid matching answers with each other. 
This point is also very important. After the exam, it is done. Worrying about whether the answer is right or wrong will only increase your pressure, and it will also affect the performance of the next subject. The right thing to do is to forget the previous subject and review the subject of the next exam properly.
Be careful! 
Special reminder. 
1. Identity verification should be carried out through "Kao Wu Tong" when entering the venue. 
2. All examination subjects cannot be handed in in advance. 
2019 College entrance examination schedule. 
The examination schedule is as follows: 
9:00-11:30 Chinese; 15:00-17:00 mathematics. 
9:00-11:30 liberal arts / science synthesis; 15:00-17:00 foreign languages (those with foreign language listening tests should be arranged before the start of the foreign language written test). 
Travel tips. 
During the college entrance examination, the traffic police department will implement traffic control on some roads around the school, and the majority of car owners should pay attention to detour when driving. 
In the meantime, except for vehicles, buses and taxis related to the college entrance examination, as well as special vehicles such as ambulance, fire control, public security and other vehicles performing tasks, other social vehicles are prohibited from passing on the control and control roads. 
The traffic police department will make overall arrangements for the police force, focusing on traffic guidance around the school, as well as the addition of temporary parking spots and emergency taxi parking spots to ensure smooth traffic.