Guanxuan Shandong Gaotang Xinhang Machinery Co., Ltd.



Shandong Gaotang Xinhang Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful Jiangbei Water City, the famous hometown of calligraphy and painting-Shandong Gaotang Renhe Industrial Park, with superior location and convenient transportation. 
Since the establishment of the factory, scientific management, reform and innovation, regarding quality as life and customers as God, the production scale has grown rapidly, and it has become one of the domestic manufacturers of ditching machines. 
It has been appraised as the key leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization city, the honorary title of "specializing in special new" small and medium-sized enterprises in Shandong Province, and "one enterprise and one technology" innovative enterprise at the provincial level.


Shandong Gaotang Xinhang Machinery Co., Ltd., registered capital of 10 million yuan. 
Covers an area of 22000 square meters, construction area of 10000 square meters, with modern production lines and office facilities, a variety of machine tools, heat treatment equipment, and gathered a large number of technical and management personnel, the existing senior engineers 4, engineers 8, college and secondary school education more than 50 talents. 
Our company widely serves in trenching and laying pipes (tap water, sprinkler irrigation pipe network, oil pipeline, natural gas pipeline), burying cable, optical cable, roadside stone trenching, yam trenching, soil loosening, harvest, sugarcane and watermelon planting ditching, fruit tree trenching, fertilization and grape burying rattan, banana tree and rhizome crushing, loosening soil, trenching and other projects and farmland operations.

Singapore Airlines Machinery has many years of professional technology and sales management experience in the production of trenching machines, and creatively developed its own patented multi-functional trenching machine according to the characteristics of engineering construction. 
Xinhang Machinery has today's mechanical manufacturing and testing capabilities, such as casting, forging, welding, metal cutting, die manufacturing, assembly, etc.; the company's design team and product development capabilities also ensure that the product range can fully meet the needs of customers.