Singapore Airlines trenching machine tells how to adjust the width and depth of double-chain trenching machine



The chain trenching machine refers to the trenching machine with two hanging chains. When the two hanging chains are close to each other, that is, when the minimum gap between the two hanging chains is 0, the trench made by the double chain trenching machine is the widest. 
Double-chain trenching machine can open 40-2000px wide trench, the ditch depth is adjustable, the maximum ditch depth is 1.8m, the user can adjust the width and depth of the trench according to their own needs. 
The double-chain trenching machine chooses a rotating milling and polishing plate as the primary working part, which has high output power. 
When working, the milling and polishing plate is driven and rotated by the tractor power output shaft through the transmission system, and its outer linear speed is about 715m / s. 
The soil cut by the cutter is thrown out of the ditch by the dumping board. 
The double-chain trenching machine has powerful functions and is widely used. it can be used for planting trees in gardens, planting and transplanting fruit trees, trenching optical cables and cables, trenching wire stalks, drainage pipes, irrigation of irrigation and irrigation, crop cultivation and harvest. City gas pipeline ditching and so on. 
The rate is one of the most concerned aspects of the trenching machine in the hearts of customers. generally, when customers buy the trenching machine, the first thing to ask is the work efficiency. 
The work efficiency determines the workload of the trenching machine and the ability to create wealth. in general, the efficiency of the trenching machine is calculated according to the speed of the trenching machine. the more efficient the work is, the more wealth can be created every day. the greater the wealth profits for customers. 
If the performance and efficiency reflect the quality and technical content of the trenching machine, then the stability determines the long-term durability of the trenching machine. For the trenching project, the long-term stability is the key to create profits. 
The stability can be discussed from two aspects: the stability of the trenching machine itself and the stability of the operation. 
The stability of the trenching machine itself is the stability of the structure of the trenching machine itself and the stability of various parts of the fuselage. High-quality wear-resistant steel can more firmly protect the trenching machine itself, and each structure of the machine is a confidential combination. The use of the best quality bearings and spindle parts, the fuselage is more durable and wear-resistant. 
The stability of operation is due to the small interaction between the components, smooth operation, and the best production process. 
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