Shandong Gaotang Xinhang Machinery Co., Ltd. won the enterprise of "abiding by the contract and honoring the credit".



Shandong Gaotang Xinhang Machinery Co., Ltd. won the enterprise publicity qualification of abiding by the contract and heavy credit of Liaocheng Administration for Industry and Commerce in 2015-2016, which has been announced on the website of Liaocheng Administration for Industry and Commerce. 
Since its establishment in 2008, SIA Machinery has many years of advanced technology and sales management experience in the production of trenching machines. According to the characteristics of engineering and agricultural construction, it has creatively developed its own patented multi-functional trenching machine, which provides users with practical products with low investment and high return. 
Since the establishment of the company, it has successively obtained 9 utility model patents and 2 invention patents (as shown in Table 2). Among them, two kinds of stereotyped products have been appraised and promoted by the national agricultural machinery department and won the "Consumer satisfaction Unit" of Gaotang County Bureau of Industry and Commerce. 
It has been awarded the title of "key leading Enterprise of Liaocheng Agricultural industrialization" by the people's Government of Liaocheng City, the title of "one enterprise, one technology" and "specialized and special new" enterprise in Shandong Province, and has established "Liaoda-Xinhang Intelligent Agricultural Machinery equipment Laboratory" with Liaocheng University. There is a guarantee in terms of talents and technology. 
According to the market demand, customer requirements and the company's development over the years, our company is mainly engaged in the design, production and sales of "Singapore Airlines" brand products: chain trenching machine, disc trenching machine multi-function trenching machine. 
Our products are widely used in setting up tap water, sprinkler network, oil and natural gas pipeline trenching machines, buried cable trenching machines, roadside stone trenching machines, land deep loosening, yam trenching machines, loosening soil, harvesting, sugarcane trenching machines and watermelon planting trenching machines, planting onion and ginger trenching machines, peony trenching machines, tree trenching machines, tree pit machines, fruit tree trenching and fertilizing machines, twisted fertilization and grape burying vines. 
Banana tree and rhizome crushing, loosening soil, trenching and other projects and farmland operations.