Congratulations to the Chinese women's volleyball girl on winning the gold medal at the Rio Olympic Games.



In the face of the ultimate challenge from the world's top players, the Chinese women's volleyball team won the Olympic championship again after losing one game and beating Serbia 3-1 in a row. 
This breathtaking match has attracted the attention of countless Chinese people and fans around the world. 
The Chinese women's volleyball team wins in the tenacious struggle, wins the beautiful atmosphere, the women's volleyball team shows the unique temperament and strength to the world. 
This Chinese style, which not only represents competitive sports, but also the core value rooted in the hearts of every Chinese, will be widely demonstrated and carried forward. 
In 1981, the Chinese women's volleyball team won the third world championship, and Lang Ping won the "Outstanding athlete Award." this is the Chinese women's volleyball team won the championship of the first World Women's Volleyball Championships and the gold medal of the Los Angeles Olympic Games, helping the Chinese women's volleyball team to win three consecutive championships. 
At that time, the name of the iron hammer was very loud. 
But not as loud as the spirit of the women's volleyball team, the women's volleyball team not only won three consecutive championships, but also won five consecutive championships, feeling that the Chinese women's volleyball team will always be the world champion. 
Chinese people cheered for the women's volleyball team, netizens went crazy: "there is a kind of pride, called Chinese women's volleyball team; there is a kind of spirit, called women's volleyball spirit!" 
Let's go back to the spirit of the women's volleyball team, so, what is this spirit? 
Every time the women's volleyball team wins the championship, it is accomplished by hard work, showing the most tenacious spirit in the most difficult time, which is the essence of the women's volleyball team spirit. 
Chinese people call for the "spirit of the women's volleyball team". "Iron Hammer" is the most complete witness and practitioner of the spirit of the women's volleyball team. She has been responsible for the inheritance of this spirit for 30 years. 
In the meantime, the women's volleyball team has changed for several generations and has had several ups and downs, but Lang Ping still does not forget her original ideal and ambition, and still sticks to her favorite volleyball career. when the women's volleyball team needs it most, she takes on the task of revitalizing it, although the road is not smooth. But she is as indomitable as a hammer and insists on the goal of not giving up, which leads to the continued glory of today's women's volleyball team. 
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