Special instruction manual for Singapore Airlines trenching machine



II. Product introduction. 
This product mainly introduces the product structure, use performance, installation indication, operation method, matters needing attention, product maintenance and so on of XH-LK-ZXZP- trenching machine. 
The product is a suspended trench opener, which adopts a rear trench opener, which is composed of a transmission system, a gearbox, a trenching cutter and a soil divider. 
The depth of trenching is 0-1500mm, the width is 120-500mm, and the maximum depth is above 1500mm. 
The characteristics of the product are: compact structure, small size, light load, strong versatility of parts, not afraid of wet and sticky fields, as long as the tractor can enter the ground, it can operate, and the soil is wide, and the soil at the bottom of the ditch is smooth, such as the dry effect of the field is better, and the operation is convenient, fast, sensitive and reliable. 
III. Product parameters. 
Matching power [KW] 80-130. 
Trench depth [mm] 0-1500. 
Trench width [mm] 120-500. 
Working speed [m] 80-300. 
IV. Shape and structure of the machine. 
Suspension frame 2. 
Dragons 3. 
The main set is 4. 
Rear main bar 5. 
Pinggou Harrow 6. 
Rear rear wheel 7. 
Drive knife chain 8. 
Soil separator 10. 
Lift the lever 11. 
Connect the tie rod 12. 
Oil pipe. 
V. installation and adjustment. 
This type of trenching machine is suitable for the installation of 80-130 horsepower tractors with strong pressure device. 
1. The installation of the frame, the frame is a suspended frame, two pairs of connecting ears of the trenching machine are connected with the suspension arm behind the tractor, and the upper pair of connecting ears are connected with the connecting rod of the tractor. 
During adjustment, the input shaft of the trenching machine gearbox is tilted upward by 5 °, the distance between the center of the gearbox and the ground is 650mm, and the input shaft of the gearbox is 50mm to the left of the rear power output shaft of the tractor. 
2. When installing the rear tail bar and trench chain, you should pay attention to: the soil-splitting winch on the frame is up, check whether the rear tail bar is vertical, install the rear tail bar, and fasten it with bolts. 
When installing the chain, pay attention to the direction of the blade, the direction of the lower blade rushes to the machine in the correct direction, and adjust the connecting bolts between the rear bar and the frame to make the chain loose and tight. 
Install the Pinggou Harrow. 
Warm reminder: the tractor has a spare oil pipe joint to connect the trenching machine oil pipe directly to the spare joint. If there is no spare joint, it is necessary to install a secondary valve to operate the suspension cylinder and the tractor lifting arm cylinder. 
Or plug the inlet and outlet of the lifting boom cylinder after adjusting the suspension height, and then connect the two tubing with the suspension cylinder tubing. 
VI. Try to turn. 
Put the tractor in the neutral position, start the tractor, and control the lifting rod of the tractor lifting arm, so that the trenching machine can be normally lifted and lowered for one cycle, so that the trenching machine spindle can be adjusted to about 650mm from the ground. 
Adjust the control handle of the hydraulic cylinder of the trenching machine to make the chain rise and fall for one cycle, pay attention to do not let the chain touch the ground when landing, and then adjust the chain to a parallel position. 
Press the clutch, put on the power rear output gear, loosen the clutch to check the operation of the chain tool. 
7. Trenching operation. 
1. It is necessary to have a certain understanding of the working area under its jurisdiction, that is, whether there are underground pipes, cable lines, stones and thick tree roots. 
Blind work will cause accidents and failures. 
Cause unnecessary losses. 
If you are not clear, please consult the manufacturer, it is better to be cautious. 
2. Before starting the operation, the tractor is now operated to the crawling gear. 
Start the tractor, pull the throttle to the medium throttle, put the gear in low speed first gear, and slowly release the clutch pedal. 
Adjust the falling position of the Arbor according to the softness and hardness of the soil. 
When the required ditch depth is reached and the hydraulic handle is restored to the middle position, the trenching operation can be carried out. 
(note: the tractor must drop the trench chain slowly while driving to prevent the scraper from touching the ground and damaging the flat rake.). 
3. If the cylinder extends to the longest position, the groove depth still can not meet the requirements, and the chain and tail rod length can be increased. 
In general, low-speed first gear (200m/h) is used for deep and wide ditches, which can improve driving speed according to working conditions. 
4. It is necessary to lift the hydraulic handle at the end of the operation, first move the hydraulic handle to the rising position, make the chain idle for a few seconds, then take off the power output gear and stop the operation of the trenching chain. 
VIII. Maintenance and maintenance. 
1. Before using the trenching machine, check the lubricating oil in the gearbox so that the oil is submerged to the lowest gear 1ax 4. 
Oil nozzles for trenching rotary mechanism, supporting sprocket nozzles, etc. add lubricating oil (lithium grease). 
Each transmission chain is lubricated so that it is quick and flexible to use. 
2. After each use, grease and dirt should be removed in time, check whether the operating part is loose or fall off, and each rotating chain should be smeared with lubricating oil. 
3. After 20 hours of initial operation, the gearbox should be cleaned. 
First, the waste gear oil is released from the oil discharge port, an appropriate amount of kerosene is injected from the oil injection port, and the gear mechanism is rotated at the same time. After cleaning, the gear oil is added to a reasonable position. 
4. Gear oil needs to be changed every 100 hours. 
After a total of 1000 hours, it is necessary to disassemble the machine for inspection and replace damaged or seriously worn parts. 
5. If you do not use it for a long time, you should remove the transmission and suspension for preservation, repaint or apply antirust oil on the parts where the top paint has been worn off, rinse the parts clean, and remove each transmission chain and soak it with lubricating oil. 
Store in a dry, ventilated and clean room. 
Common failures in use. 
1. The bolts and nuts of the trenching machine are easy to be loosened and the cutter is easy to be loosened during operation. 
Pre-tighten the nut in time. 
2. The trenching machine is installed on the tractor, the load is heavy during operation, and the transmission chain is easy to wear or break. 
3. In the operation of the trenching machine, the environment is poor and the dust is heavy. The bearings of the trenching machine are easy to wear, which makes it difficult to run and increase the wear of the shaft. 
Be diligent in lubricating oil. 
4. In the trenching operation, because the chain is used for a long time and easy to grow, it is easy to bite teeth between the chain and the sprocket and damage other parts at the same time. 
Adjust the adjusting screw in time. 
5. In the trenching operation, the underground environment is unpredictable, so it is easy to cause tool damage. 
Try to have a comprehensive understanding of the underground and geomorphology. 
X. exclusion methods and measures taken. 
1. Before going to the field, the tractor and the supporting trenching machine should be checked comprehensively, especially the connection should be firm. 
2. After 20 hours of operation, check the tension of the connecting sleeve. If you find that the chain is growing, loosen the fastening chain nut in time and place it in the right position.