Application range of wheeled trenching machine



After years of development and research, Shandong Gaotang Xinhang Machinery Co., Ltd. has developed various types of wheel trenching machine, but due to the market demand has improved the requirements of customers, the original trenching machine is not so demanding for work. After the continuous increase in social demand, the trenching machine factory has also met the needs of this market, the market dynamics of wheeled trenching machine, and the improved technology of wheeled trenching machine. 
The farmland construction machinery for the construction of drainage and irrigation ditches is mainly composed of rotating milling and polishing plates. 
According to the structural type, there are two types: double disc type and single disc type. 
According to the mode of operation, it can be divided into two types: one trench at low speed and several trenches at high speed. 
It is mainly composed of transmission pulley, transmission shaft, variable speed gearbox, knife shaft and frame. 
The trenching machine is mainly used with the tractor, and the trenching is realized by the power drive of the tractor. 
Scope of use: 
Engineering trench, cement pavement trench, asphalt pavement trench, road along stone trench and so on.