Liaocheng University and Xinhang Machinery Co., Ltd. held the unveiling ceremony of school-enterprise cooperation.



On October 18, Liaocheng University and Gaotang Xinhang Machinery Co., Ltd. held the unveiling ceremony of "industry, university and research" cooperation. 
Feng Nengbin, deputy magistrate, and Yu Huishan, director of the Social Service Department of Liaocheng University, unveiled the university-enterprise cooperation base of the School of Mechanical and Automotive Engineering of Liaocheng University. 
Feng Nengbin pointed out that our county's industrial economy has been developing and growing in recent years, and it is an advanced county of industry-university-research cooperation and innovation in the province, the province's first batch of new industrial demonstration bases, and the province's high-end equipment manufacturing base. 
As of the third quarter, there were 412 industrial enterprises above the scale, forming two pillar industries: automobile and equipment manufacturing, paper and printing. 
In order to enhance the innovation ability of enterprises, in 2012, the Gaotang County government and Liaocheng University established a comprehensive strategic cooperative relationship and carried out multi-level, multi-field, multi-form and sustainable cooperation around four key areas. we will carry out the "300" project of industry-university-research cooperation of "100 doctors entering Gaotang, docking 100 enterprises and conquering 100 technologies", and strengthen the introduction and training of high-level innovative talents and high-skilled talents. 
It has accelerated the transformation of scientific and technological achievements and improved the core competitiveness of enterprises. 
Shandong Xinhang Machinery Co., Ltd. is a large enterprise producing trenching machine, with 2 invention patents and 8 utility model patents, completed two national agricultural machinery subsidy catalogues and identified products, and was awarded the key leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization in Liaocheng City by the municipal government. 
This cooperation with Liaocheng University will certainly train more excellent practical skills for enterprises, further improve the level of scientific and technological innovation of enterprises, and promote the transformation and development of enterprises.