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Orchard Trenching Machine


Orchard Trenching Machine


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Chinese Yam Trenching Machine

Orchard Trenching Machine


Chinese yam trenching machine is a trenching machine based on planting yam and burdock. 
According to the number of spirals: single screw yam trenching machine and double spiral trenching machine. 
1: the structure is simple, and the general tractor can be modified. 
2: easy to operate, as long as the user who can drive the tractor can control the trenching operation. 
3: high trenching efficiency, about 100-200 meters per hour. 
The traction power required by the Chinese yam trenching machine is very small, so the tractor with less power can be used to build deeper and larger cross-section ditches, and the ditch is neat, loose and convex, which is convenient for planting yam without trimming. 
The structure is simple. 
The depth is 1.2-1.8 meters, which is convenient for yam growth, and the width and depth of spiral trenching machine are certain, which is convenient for yam growth and excavation. 
The speed is about 200 meters per hour.

I: Use: Wide range of applications, simple structure, low cost, easy to use disassembly and assembly, ditching and laying pipes (water pipes, mutual pipes), burying cables, natural gas pipelines, fruit forest ditching and fertilization, yam loosening, grape burying vines.

Two: parameters: ① mating tractor power: 30-120 horsepower

         ② Working speed: 150-500m/h

         ③ trenching width: 15, 20, 25, 40, 60, 80, 100cm

         ④ Ditching depth: 0-240cm

         ⑤ speed change device: hydraulic, mechanical two options

Note: The above width, depth and tractor model can be adjusted according to the needs of users. Transmission device: hydraulic, mechanical two options

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